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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921

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  Volume 112 


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   Issue  3    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2011; 112 (3) )



Urge to cough and its application to the behavioural treatment of cough
Vertigan AE, Gibson PG

Clinical Studies   

Urge to cough with voluntary suppression following mechanical pharyngeal stimulation
Hegland KW, Pitts T, Bolser DC, Davenport PW

Motor features of voluntary cough following partial laryngectomy for glottal carcinoma
Chellini E, Magni C, Lavorini F, Rucci L, Fontana GA

Distinction of cough from other sounds produced by daily activities in the upper airways
Martinek J, Zatko T, Tatar M, Javorka M

Heart rate variability in hypertension caused by sleep disordered breathing and its modification by CPAP
Gresova S, Tomori Z, Widdicombe J, Donic V, Kundrik M, Bacova I, Pallayova M

Experimental Studies   

The influence of the PDE inhibitors on cough reflex in Guinea pigs
Mokry J, Nosalova G

Cough threshold and reactivity to mechanical stimulation of the trachea in the rabbit Preliminary observations
Varechova S, Demoulin B, Poussel M, Chenuel B, Marchal Fa


Comments to regional problems of analgesic risk perception
Hudec R, Wilton LV, Kriska M


A consonant construction of the hyaloid and retinal vascular systems by the angiogenic process
Gergely K, Gerinec A

Obesity in focus       
Pavlik V, Fajfrova J

Case Report  

Rehabilitation results of patients with acute transverse myelitis
Calis M, Kirnap M, Calis H, Mistik S, Demir H