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   Issue  4    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2010; 111 (4) )


Letter to the Editor  

Doppler flowmetry in preeclampsia, Bratisl Lek Listy 2009; 110 (7): 432–435

Drobny J

Experimental Studies   

Effect of ankaferd blood stopper on hemostasis and histopathological score in experimental liver injury

Mustafa Uygar Kalayci, Aliye Soylu, Hasan Erol Eroglu, Dilek Kubilay, Banu Sancak, Ceyhan Ugurluoglu, 
Ugur Ercin, Yavuz Koca, Oguzhan Karatepe

The effect of antioxidants (N-acetylcysteine and melatonin) on hypoxia due to carbonmonoxide poisoning

Zeynep Kekec, Gulsah Seydaoglu, Hasan Sever, Figen Ozturk

Bacterial translocation in experimental stroke: what happens to the gut barrier?

Nida Tascilar, Oktay Irkorucu, Oge Tascilar, Fusun Comert, Ozlem Eroglu, Burak Bahadir, 
Guldeniz Karadeniz Cakmak, Handan Ankarali, Hale Sayan

Clinical Studies   

Evaluation of the relationship between insulin resistance and plasma tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein levels  in obese women

Yusuf Bal, Mine Adas, Aysen Helvaci

Complementary therapy in diabetic patients with chronic complications: a pilot study

Palacka P, Kucharska J, Murin J, Dostalova K, Okkelova A, Cizova M, Waczulikova I, Moricova S, Gvozdjakova A

Serum levels of leptin, adiponectin, retinol binding protein 4 and leptin/adiponectin molar ratio as another possible marker of insulin resistance in obese

Tajtakova M, Petrasova D, Pidanicova A, Gallovicova A, Blanarova C, Petrovicova J

Gastric lavage with normal saline: effects on serum electrolytes

Gokel Y, Sertdemir Y, Yilmaz M, Sahan M

Our experience with chemosterilized antigen-extracted antolyzed allografts (AAA) in a series of elective foot 
and ankle procedures

Almasi J, Csonge L, Galambos B

Significant associations of acute gastrointestinal haemorrhage and the estimation of effectiveness of the newly proposed acute abdominal blee­ding score (AABS) in emergency patients

Faruquzzaman, Moniruzzaman M

Case Reports     

Complicated course after sleeve gastrectomy for obesity

Zonca P, Cambal M, Jacobi CA

What if skin eruption is not caused by allergic reaction to drugs?

Bobik O Jr, Bobik O Sr, Arganova H

Management of Pituitary Macroprolactinoma in a 27-year-old Male Patient from Taiwan
Bohmerova K, Gavornik P