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  Issue  1     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2008; 109 (1) )


- Laser scanning cytometry (LSC) in pathology – a per­spective tool for the future ?
   Galbavy S, Kuliffay P

   Clinical Studies

Serum bFGF Concentrations in gastric cancer patients
   Bilgic I, Ozalp N, Tez M, Koc M

- Diagnosis and treatment of liver injury – the expe­rience of the University Trauma Center
   Treska V, Skalicky T, Houdek K, Smid D

- Hepatocellular carcinoma – evaluation of a group of 74 patients treated at the surgical department
   Leypold J, Privara M, Staffa R, Dvorak M, Novotny T

- Screening for six Mediterranean mutations in 90 Egyptian patients with phenylketonuria
   Effat LK, Essawi ML, Abd El Hamid MS, Elhawary N, Gad YZ

   Clinical Reports

- Comparison of long-term care in European developed countries to possible implementation in Slovakia
   Lezovic M, Kováè R

- Preeclampsia or initial diagnosis of chronic renal disease during pregnancy
   Iavazzo C, Kalmantis K, Bozemberg T, Ntziora F, Ioakeimidis A, Paschalinopoulos D

- A variable origin of the vertebral artery
   Kubikova E, Osvaldova M, Mizerakova P, El Falougy H, Benuska J

- Anomalous styloid process and its clinical implications
   Srijit Das, Farihah Haji Suhaimi, Faizah Othman, Azian Abd Latiffò

- Auditory evoked potentials (AEP) – an important help in early diagnosis of Schwannoma originating 
  from vestibular nerve

   Titlic M, Tonkic A, Jukic I, Kolic K, Mihalj M

   Case Report and Review

Hemosuccus pancreaticus
   Koren M, Kinova S, Bedeova J, Javorka V, Kovacova E, Kekenak L

   C O N T E N T S