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Volume 108 


  Issue  9     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2007; 108 (9) )

  Experimental Study

- Does the administration of antioxidants as scavengers of reactive oxygen species in kidney 
   transplantation really have sense ?

   Kuntscher V, Treska V, Racek J, Kobr J, Trefil L, Hes O

   Clinical Studies

A critical gap between recommended and achieved LDL-cholesterol levels. Results of statin therapy 
   in Slovakia

   Gajdos M, Krivosikova Z, Uhliar R

Prooxidative/antioxidative homeostasis in heroin addiction and detoxification
   Pereska Z, Dejanova B, Bozinovska C, Petkovska L

Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in erythema migrans patients
   Trnovcova M, Bazovska S, Svecova D

Endothelaemia – a marker of vascular damage
   Rajec J, Tisonova J, Kriska M, Kristova V, Vojtko R, Dukat A, Ambrozy E, Slysko R, Varga 

Evaluation and treatment of hip joint instability in patients with cerebral palsy
   Kokavec M

   Case Reports

Vertex extradural haematoma with associated lesions – improving clinical course with sudden death
    Conservative versus surgical treatment
    Balik V, Sulla I

Neurocysticercosis – non-specific clinical and neuroradiological presentation
    Titlic M, Tonkic A, Jukic I, Lahman-Doric M, Kolic K, Buca A, Milas I, Dikanovic M

   Topical Review

Chronic vitamin C deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
    Ginter E

   Case Report

Anatomical study of anomalous posterior horn of late­ral ventricle of brain and its clinical significance
    Srijit D, Shipra P

   Letter to the Editor

Approaching the obese patients in primary health care in the Czech Republic
    Cerveny R

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