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Volume 106 


  Issue  3       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2005; 106 (3) )

  Nobel prize in Chemistry

- Ubiquitin the kiss of death goes Nobel. Will you be quitting ?
  Behuliak M, Celec P, Gardlik R, Palffy R

Experimental study

- The effect of chemical stimulation of esophageal mucosa on citric acid induced cough 
  and specific airway resistance in guinea pig models

  Kollarik M, Plevkova J, Brozmanova M, Revallo M, Varechova S, Bartos V, Plank L, Tatar M

   Clinical Studies

- Erythrocyte antioxidant enzymes in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome
  Bogdanska J, Todorova B, Labudovic D, Korneti PG

- Neuroendoscopic management of haematocephalus
  Novak Z, Nadvornik P, Chrastina J, Riha I

  Clinical Review

- Pneumococcal vaccination current situation and perspectives
  Madar R, Strakova J, Baska T, Kavcova E, Straka S

  Topical Reviews

- Serum laboratory markers for noninvasive diagnosis and monitoring of liver fibrogenesis 
   in patients with chronic liver diseases

   Vozar I

- Matrix metalloproteinases: their biological functions and clinical implications
   Hijova E

  Pharmacology Informations

- The Slovak Drug Information Centre (Druginfo) during the  period 19972004
   Wawruch M, Bozekova L, Tisonova J, Raganova A, Lassanova M,  Hudec R, Vojtko R, 
   Gazova A, Kriska M

  Debate and Education

- The preparation of students of medical faculties and other public colleges for educative activities 
   within the National Programme of Health Support

Kukurova E, Bernadic M, Kralova E, Bernadicova H, Traubner P

  Short Communications

- Mitoxantrone therapy in rapidly worsening multiple sclerosis
  Benesova Y, Stourac P, Beranek M, Kadanka Z

- Immune system status in the patients after severe brain injury
  Smrcka M, Mrlian A, Klabusay M

- The laparoscopic ventral and incisional hernia repair
Jerabek J, Piskac P, Hnizdil L, Bucek J


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