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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 101


Issue  5      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2000; 101 (5) )


- A revival of Paul Dudley White an overview of present medical practice and society by P.D. White
  international lecture (Favaloro R)

  Introduction from dr. Gerova

- Health care revolution in the USA
  Henzl M

- The cosmos and CHAT, prompting blood pressure and heart rate monitoring for Derer's week
  Halberg F, Cornelissen G, Siegelova J, Fiser B, Dusek J, Otsuka K, Delyukov AA, Gorgo Y,
  Gubin DG, Gubin GD, Schwartzkopff O

- The remote past and near future of electrocardiology: viewpoint of biomedical engineer 
  Titomir LJ

- Expression of peptidergic and nitrergic structures in dorsal root ganglia of the rabbit
  Rybarova S, Kluchova D, Kocisova M, Schmidtova K, Lovasova K

- Proteins of the mineralized tooth enamel matrix
  Cerny R

- The diagnostic procedures in toxoplasmosis
  Ondriska F, Jalili NA, Catar G  

- Diagnostic and treatment of lower urinary tract functional disorders in young men
  Svihra J, Elias B, Javorka K Jr, Kliment J

- Ascites therapy with ascitic concentrate reinfusion
  Narwan H, Demes M, Kovac A, Danninger F


Research Letters

- Microsurgical therapy of brainstem tumors and vascular lesions
  Steno J, Bizik I, Malacek M, Surkala J

- Female prostate. Update 1999
  Zaviacic M

- DNA analysis of partial and complete hydatidiform mole
  Repiska V, Vojtassak J, Bohmer D, Durikova M