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   Issue  11    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2011; 112 (11) )

Experimental Studies   

Effects of atorvastatin on heart mitochondrial function and coenzyme Q content in the experiment
Kucharska J, Ulicna O, Gvozdjakova A, Vancova O, Waczulikova I, Bozek P, Bada V

Evaluation of erythrocyte deformability in experimentally induced osteo­porosis in female rats and the effects of vitamin C supplementation on erythrocyte deformability
Arslan A, Aydin G, Keles I, Comu FM, Arslan M

Clinical Studies  

Selected biomarkers of age-related diseases in older subjects with different nutrition
Krajcovicova-Kudlackova M, Babinska K, Blazicek P, Valachovicova M, Spustova V, Mislanova C, Paukova V

ECG signs of right ventricular hypertrophy may help distinguish pulmo­nary arterial hypertension and pulmonary hypertension due to left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
Goncalvesova E, Luknar M, Lesny P

Natural behaviour and surgical treatment of appendiceal carcinoids: an analysis of 2,376 consecutive emergency appendectomies
Ozer MT, Demirbas S, Celik E, Safali M, Harlak A, Coskun K, Ersoz N, Uzar AI

Simultaneous occurrence of synchronous and metachronous tumors with gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Adim SB, Filiz G, Kanat O, Yerci O

Alkaline phosphatase: can it be considered as an indicator of liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis with type 2 diabetes?
Kocabay G, Telci A, Tutuncu Y, Tiryaki B, Ozel S, Cevikbas U, Okten A, Satman I

Malignant tumours of colon and rectum from the blood clotting view
Mytnik M, Stasko J, Mistuna D, Seliga P

The comparison of ultrasonographic placenta examination with pathohis­tologic verification of fetal anomalies
Loncar D

Diagnostics of psychophysiological states and motivation in elite athletes
Korobeynikov G, Mazmanian K, Korobeynikova L, Jagiello W

Case Reports   

Liver abscess in human toxocariasis
Treska V, Sutnar A, Mukensnabl P, Manakova T , Sedlacek D, Mirka H, Ferda J

Neonatal teeth
Kovac J, Kovac D

Classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia with virilisation and salt-wasting: from birth to the adult life
Iavazzo C, Myriokefalitaki E, Ntziora F, Bozemberg T, Baskozos I, Papargyriou T, Paschalinopoulos D

Penile paraffinoma and ulcers of penis
Bobik O Jr, Bobik O Sr


Use of thrombocyte concentrates in treatment of bone defects
Feltsan T, Mracna J, Holly D

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