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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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   Issue  12    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2010; 111 (12) )

Clinical Studies   

Impact of TTV and SENV infection in chronic hepatitis B or C on liver histology and therapy outcome
Kristian P, Schreter I, Siegfried L, Jarcuska P, Jarcuska P, Paralicova Z, Porubcin S

Changes of portal flow in heart failure patients with liver congestion
Goncalvesova E, Lesny P, Luknar M, Solik P, Varga I

Metabolic risk in selected second-generation antipsychotics
Kerna V, Nosalova G, Ondrejka I

The efficiency of urolithiasis treatment with extracorporeal lithotripsy in relation to the shock waves frequency
Azat Ch, Pacik D, Varga G, Hajny M

Critical appraisal of prognostic factors for transobturator tape implantation
Romancik M, Kollarik B, Lenko V, Labudova V, Obsitnik M, Sedlar J, Weibl P

Juxtaglomerular cell tumor a rare cause of secondary hypertension
Dolezel Z, Starha J, Pavlovsky Z, Skotakova J, Dostalkova D

Serum Ykl-40 levels in acute appendicitis
Koc M, Zulfikaroglu B, Kemal Isman F, Ozalp N, Acar A, Kucur M

The comparison of ultrasound treatment and local steroid injection plus splinting in the carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized controlled trial
Bilgici A, Ulusoy H, Kuru O, Canturk F

Case Reports   

Pilomatrixoma of the head and neck in children
Mohammed El-Romyssa, Jakubikova J, Pavlovcinova G

Successful treatment of early relapse of ocular myeloma with bortezomib and steroid after autologous stem cell transplantation
Yavasoglu I, Kocaturk T, Kadikoylu G, Dayanir V, Dayanir Y, Bolaman Z

Cord entanglement in monochorionic monoamniotic twins
Eserdag S, Zulfikaroglu E, Ozer A

Pilot Study   

Chemo-embolization of inoperable liver tumors
Skalicky T, Treska V, Sutnar A, Liska V, Duras P, Slauf F


Polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3: new data on heart disease, cancer, immune resistance and mental depression
Ginter E, Simko V