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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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   Issue  10    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2010; 111 (10) )

Clinical Studies   

HSP60, oxidative stress parameters and cardiometabolic risk markers in hypertensive and normotensive Slovak females
Kuka P, Bucova M, Penz P, Paulovicova E, Blazicek P, Atalay M, Lietava J

Costs related to medical treatment for common cardiovascular risk factors
Turek P, Lietava J, Foltan V, Kosmalova V, Dukat A

Conventional physical therapy with lumbar traction; clinical evaluation and magnetic resonance imaging for lumbar disc herniation
Kamanli A, Karaca-Acet, Kaya A, Koc M, Yildirim H

Ileus, pregnancy or leiomyoma? A case of a large intraabdominal tumor
Mytnik M, Chrobakova A, Dano J, Adam J, Kysely M, Mincik I

Case Report   

Recurrent multiple cardiac myxomas
Yavuz S, Eris C, Sezen M, Goncu T, Ata Y, Turk T

Morphological Studies

Thymic Hassall's bodies of children with congenital heart defects
Varga I, Pospisilova V, Jablonska V, Sisovsky V, Galfiova P, Polak S, Adamkov M

The anterior extraperitoneal approach to the rare presacral/retroperitoneal schwannoma
Senoglu M, Bulbuloglu E, Demirpolat G, Altun I, Ciralik H

Atlanto-occipital fusion: an osteological study with clinical implications
Kassim NM, Latiff AA, Das S, Ghafar NA, Suhaimi FH, Othman F, Hussan F, Sulaiman IM

C-2 anterior plate-screw fixation: a quantitative anatomical and morpho­metric evaluation
Senoglu M, Ozbag D, Gumusalan Y


Enigmatic lipoprotein (a) and cardiovascular disease
Ginter E, Simko V

Letter to the Editor

Biased reporting on cardiovascular mortality in Europe
Ginter E, Simko V