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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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   Issue  8    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2010; 111 (8) )



MCP-1-2518 A/G gene polymorphism is associated with blood pressure in ischemic heart disease asymptomatic subjects
Penz P, Bucova M, Lietava J, Blazicek P, Paulovicova E, Mrazek F, Bernadic M, Buckingham TA, Petrek M

Experimental Study   

Piperine, active substance of black pepper, alleviates hypertension induced by NO synthase inhibition
Hlavackova L, Urbanova A, Ulicna O, Janega P, Cerna A, Babal P

Clinical Studies   

Specificity and sensitivity of differentiation antigens in superficial soft tissue tumors: comparison of SMA, calponin, H-caldesmon, C-Kit, PLAP and HPL
Haydar Durak, Nil Ustundag Comunoglu, Cem Comunoglu, Aysel Guven, Meryem Cam, Sergulen Dervisoglu, 
Bülent Eren

Imbalance of VEGF family serum levels and receptors in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Kemik O, Sarbay Kemik A, Purisa S, Tuzun S

Protection of ovarian tissue from radiotherapy
Pafumi C, Iraci SM, Abbate G, Clemente CM, La Rosa I, Gulino FA, Iemmola A, Randazzo C, Caldaci L, 
Teodoro MC, Palumbo MA, Attard M, Ciotta L5, Pagano I, Stracquadanio MG, Messina A

Physical therapy of non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction in children with occult spinal dysraphism
Cirovic D, Petronic I, Nikolic D, Golubovic Z, Pavicevic P, Brdar R


Garlic (Allium sativum L.) and cardiovascular diseases
Ginter E, Simko V  

Sexual dysfunction in females treated with peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation: review of literature
Slovacek L, Slanska I, Slovackova B, Priester P, Kopecky J, Jebavy L

Case Reports

Sandwich Mesh Abdominal Closure
Hutan M Jr, Hutan M Sen

Abdominal and pelvic hydatid cyst obstructing thelabor
Ebru Zulfikaroglu, Mine Islimye, Baris Zulfikaroglu, Nuri Danisman

A case with an asymptomatic malformation of cortical development diagnosed in eighth decade of life
Irsel Tezer-Filik F, Kader K Oguz, Saygi S