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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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   Issue  1    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2010; 111 (1) )



Chromatin texture, DNA index, and S-phase fraction in primary breast carcinoma cells analysed by laser scanning cytometry
Kuliffay P, Sanislo L, Galbavy S  

Perspective and complexity of experimental cancer study. The secrets of tumorigenesis 
(To the Gupta’s, Chaffer’s and Weinberg’s “perspectives” and to the Nurse’s “horizons”)

Valaskova Z, El-Hassoun O, Galfiova P, Jakubovsky J, Danihel L, Hulin I

Clinical Studies   

Advanced detection and measurement of cells on membrane from peri­pheral blood by laser scanning cytometry
(LSC) in early stage breast cancer patients

Sanislo L, Kuliffay P, Sedlak J, Kausitz J, Galbavy S

Immunity profile in breast cancer patients

Hrubisko M, Sanislo L, Zuzulova M, Michalickova J, Zeleznikova T, Sedlak J, Bella S

Bone mineral density in early breast cancer patients

Spanik S, Spanikova B

Radionavigated detection of sentinel nodes in breast carcinoma – first experience of our department

Duchaj B, Chvalny P, Vesely J, Makaiova I, Durdik S, Straka V, Palaj J, Procka V, Aksamitova K, Skraskova S, 
Banki P, Kovacova S, Galbavy S

Recombinant human thyrotropin in follow-up of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer
Podoba J        

Case Report               

Synaptophysin negative central neurocytoma

Rychly B, Kalina P, Belan V, Galbavy S  

Clinical Study   

The expression of MCM-2 in invasive breast carcinoma: a stereologic approach

Umit Cobanoglu, Sevdegul Mungan, Cemal Gundogdu, Safak Ersoz, Yavuz Ozoran, Fazil Aydin  

Topical Reviews 

Endoscopic treatment of praecancerous colorectal lesions and early colorectal cancer

Mlkvy P, Majek J, Jurgos L, Makovnik P, Durdik S


Diastolic blood pressure as a major determinant of tissue perfusion: Potential clinical consequences

Hulin I, Kinova S, Paulis L, Slavkovsky P, Duris I, Mravec B