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  Issue  2     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2008; 109 (2) )

   Experimental Study

- Adverse effects of the high tidal volume during mechanical ventilation of normal lung in pigs
   Kobr J, Kuntscher V, Treska V, Molacek, J, Vobruba V, Fremuth J, Racek J, Trefil L, Kocova J

   Clinical Studies

Relation of various degrees of body mass index to systolic and diastolic dysfunctions
   Valocik G, Mitro P, Zapachova J, Majercak I, Mudrakova K

- Evaluation of nutritional risk on admission to the general surgery department
   GŁndogdu Haldun, Ersoy Eren, Aktimur Recep, Kulacoglu Hakan, Ozdogan Mehmet, 
   Ozturk Vedat, Acar Tanju

- Do we really apply fast-track surgery ?
   Zonca P, Stigler J, Maly T, Neoral C, Hajek M, Stiglerova S

- Mild hypothermia for intracranial aneurysm surgery
   Gal R, Smrcka M

   Case Reports

Accidential detection of salpinx carcinoma after ompha≠locele repair
   Iavazzo C, Vorgias G, Kalinoglou N

- Multiple supernumerary muscles of the arm and its clinical significance
   Soubhagya R. Nayak, Ashwin Krishnamurthy, Latha V. Prabhu, Jiji PJ, Lakshmi Ramanathan, 
   Savinaya Kumar

- An anatomical insight into the third head of biceps brachii muscle
   Hitendra Kumar, Srijit Das, Gayatri Rath

- Cognitive impairment and epilepsy seizure caused by hypoparathyroidism
   Titlic M, Tonkic A, Jukic I, Filipovic-Grcic P, Kolic K

   Debate and Education

Cross-cultural medical education and training
   Reitmanova S


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