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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 108 


  Issue  4- 5       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2007; 108 (4-5) )

  Letter to Editor

- Cardiorenal syndrome and later-onset Fabry disease: is there a connection ?
   Bzduch V


- Brain natriuretic peptide – the biological marker in the diagnosis of overt congestive heart failure 
   and myocardial ischemia

   Lisy M, Babal P

  Clinical Studies

- In vitro contractile response of human myometrium to oxytocin, PGF2a, bradykinin and ET-1
  Janicek F, Franova S, Nosalova G, Visnovsky J

- Lipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein (a) phenotypes in healthy Macedonian children
  Tosheska K, Labudovic D, Alabakovska S, Handziski Z, Spiroski M, Todorova B

- Comparison of a preincisional and postincisional small dose of ketamine for postoperative analgesia 
   in children

  Butkovic D, Kralik S, Matolic M, Jakobovic J, Zganjer M, Radesic L

- Combination of two anti-stress procedures: our original 4-corner deltoid-like vaginal suspension 
  and sub­urethral duplication sec. Lazarevski in patients with genital prolapse

  Antovska V, Iliev V, Stojcevski S, Kuzeska K

- Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax in children-our experience
  Zganjer M, Kljenak A

- Neuropsychological outcome in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  Bordacova L, Docolomanska D, Masura J

  Public Health

- The prevalence of female obesity in the world and in the Slovak Gypsy women
   Dolinska S, Kudlackova M, Ginter E

  Ethical Study

- Some indicators of quality of life in senior age in two regions
   International comparative study – the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
   Zavazalova H, Nemeth F, Zikmundova K, Zaremba V, Rais V


- Current multidisciplinary treatment of gastric cancer
   Vokurka J, Kabela M, Ciernik J

- Infra red photocoagulation of early grades of hemorrhoids – 5-year follow-up study
  Gupta PJ

- Health care in patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome
  Panchovska M, Kolarov R, Firkova E

  Case Report

- The rare benign liver tumors
   Skalicky T, Treska V, Liska V, Sutnar A, Molacek J, Mirka H, Ferda J, Ohlidalova K

  Debate and Education

- Seemingly or Partially Negative Prefixes in Medical English
   Dzuganova B

  C O N T E N T S