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Volume 107 


  Issue  8       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2006; 107 (8) )


- Vagal complexity: Substrate for Body-Mind Connections?
   Goehler LE                   

- A response to Mravec and Hulin: Does the vagus nerve constitute a self-organization complexity 
  or a “hidden network”?

  Gidron Y                       

- Commentary to the article Does vagus nerve constitute a self-organization complexity 
  or a “hidden network” written by Mravec B. and Hulin I. in BMJ 2006

  Duris I              

- To the article of Mravec and Hulin
  Pokrovskii VM              

   Clinical Study

- Factors influencing graft potency in patients who underwent CABG for treatment of CAD
  Vavlukis M, Georgievska-Ismail Lj, Borozanov V

   Case Reports

- Diagnostics of incomplete Brown-Sequard Syndrome caused by meningococcal myelitis
  Titlic M, Milas I, Tonkic A, Jukic I, Kolic K                     

- Treatment of postpsychotic depression with sertraline in patients with schizophrenia
   Ros LT            

   Topical Reviews

- Diagnostic approach to hypercoagulable states
  Remkova A

- Septic complications of acute pancreatitis
  Mifkovic A, Pindak D, Daniel I, Pechan J

- Cardiovascular risk in patients with chronic kidney diseases: A time for new risk markers?
  Oksa A

   Clinical Study

Penile block in children, our first experience
  Telgarsky B, Karovic D, Wassermann O, Ogibovicova E, Csomor D, Koppl J, Slobodnikova K,
  Podhoransky B, Brenner M, Liscak R, Gasparec P, Polak V, Trnka J, Sagat T, Trimmel H



A review of ano-rectal disorders and their treatment
  Gupta PJ

   Debate and Education

Negative Affixes in Medical English
  Dzuganova B


   Short Communication

Project support of practical training in biophysics
  Mornstein V, Vlk D, Forytkova L         


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