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Volume 107 


  Issue  11-12       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2006; 107 (11-12) )

  Current Perpsectives
- Mitochondria and mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase alterations participate in energetical 
  dysbalance, aging and age-related diseases

  Dzurik R, Krivosikova Z, Stefikova K, Spustova V      

- Avian influenza – a new challenge
  Laranjeira CA

  Experimental Study

- Systematic isolation and characterization of cDNAs encoding AAA proteins from human brain
  Xinping Zhao, Hedera P, Fink JK

  Clinical Studies

- Correlation between the aPTT and clinical events in acute coronary syndromes treated with 
  unfractionated heparin

  Mitrovska S, Jovanova S

- Valsalva leak point pressure predicts outcome after transobturator suburethral tape implantation 
    – fact or fiction?

Romancik M, Lutter I, Goncalves F, Pechan J, Obsitnik M, Weibl P, Havalda A

- Long-term results of surgical treatment of patients suf­fering from cerebral palsy
  Kokavec M

- Is interhemispheric arachnoid cyst with corpus callosum agenesis related to cavum Vergae cyst?
  Novak Z, Chrastina J, Nadvornik P

  Case Reports 

Retropharyngeal lymphangioma
  Jakubikova J

- Maggot debridement therapy
  Cambal M, Labas P, Kozanek M, Takac P, Krumpalova Z

- Giant solid abdominal mass with cystic lesions: a case report and diaphorodiagnostic approach
  Iavazzo C, Myriokefalitaki E, Vorgias G, Akrivos T, Lekka I, Katsoulis M



Coagulase negative staphylococci and their participation in pathogenesis of human infections
  Longauerova A


Which statistical tests for estimating osteoporotic fracture risk?
  Wendlova J

  Debate and Discussion

University Publication Database
  Peknikova M


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