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Volume 107 


  Issue  4       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2006; 107 (4) )

   Topical Review

- History, anatomical nomenclature, comparative anatomy and functions of the hippocampal formation
   El Falougy H, Benuska J

   Morphological Study

- Dimensions of the Triangle of Koch
   Zhivadinovik J, Lazarova D, Gjorgov N

   Clinical Studies

- The outcome, working ability and psychic changes after traumatic brain injury
  Navratil O, Smrcka M, Hanak P

- The use of controlled mild hypothermia and immune system status in patients with severe brain injury
  Mrlian A, Smrcka M, Klabusay M

   Computer Modeling

- Protein structure and dynamics determined by protein modeling combined with spectroscopic

  Varga F, Kolacna L, Amler E

   Debate and Education

Asserting Bologna Declaration in restructuring of school system at Comenius University Medical 
  School Bratislava

  Bernadic M, Traubner P, Kukurova E, Bernadicova H

- The role of medical physics in the scheme of diagnostic and therapeutic processes by keeping safety 
  and hygienic regulations

  Kukurova E, Kralova E, Bergendi L, Traubner P

- The “False friendship” of some medical terms in English-Slovak and Slovak-English translation
   Polackova G

   Short Communication

Effective management of hospitalized patients – established role of hospitalists in the USA
  Izakovic M

    Abstracts of the XXIXth Days of Medical Biophysics – a part of International Scientific Presentation 
the MFCU in Bratislava on the 2nd

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