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Volume 106 


  Issue  11       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2005; 106 (11) )

  Clinical Studies

- Chlamydia pneumoniae antibodies and markers of inflammation in patients with cardiovascular 

  Kazar J, Kovacova E, Koncova K, Cvachova S, Mongiellova V, Lietava J, Simko F

- C-reactive protein and nutrition
  Krajcovicova-Kudlackova M, Blazicek P

- The role of non-critical health-care tools in the transmission of nosocomial infections
  Madar R, Novakova E, Baska T

- Ano-perianal tuberculosis
  Gupta PJ

 - Draft design of a rehabilitation aid for patients with acute painful fractures of vertebrae
   Wendlova J


- Treatment strategy of early-stage breast cancer
  Svetlovska D, Mardiak J

  Case Reports

- Retroperitoneoscopic approach in the treatment of symptomatic renal cysts
  Lutter I, Weibl P, Daniel I, Pechan J, Pindak D

- Epicystoscopic approach in the treatment of foreign body in the urethra and urinary bladder
  Weibl P, Lutter I, Pechan J, Ondris M, Karwandgar Matulliah

  Clinical Study

- The correlation of Procalcitonin serum levels with the presence of biliary obstruction
  Pindak D, Pechan J, Parrak V, Vavrecka A, Mifkovic A, Lutter I

  Debate and Education

- Assessing skills in pharmacology in medical students
  Kristova V, Kriska M, Jezova D, Bozekova L, Tisonova J, Wawruch M

  Short Communications

- Urinary Bladder Carcinoma: The lesson taken from the past and the future prospect
  Hornak M, Bardos A, Galbavy S

- Urinary incontinence in women
  Hladik M, Dubravicky J, Hoffman J

- Pharmacological prevention of prostate cancer
  Goncalves F, Brutenic J, Blasko M

- Erectile dysfunction as a symptom of vascular disease
  Stefancik J, Trebaticky B, Breza J

- Living donor kidney transplantation
  Zilinska Z, Pribylincova V, Polakovicova D, Bujdak P


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