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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921



 Volume 105 


Issue  12       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2004; 105 (12) )

  Clinical Studies

- Insulin resistance in kidney disease patients with mild to moderate kidney disease
  Stefikova K, Spustova V, Krivosikova Z, Dzurik R.

- Clinically unapparent central motor pathways lesion in patients with type I diabetes mellitus.
  A transcranial magnetic stimulation study

  Goldenberg Z, Kucera P, Brezinova M, Kurca E, Barak L, Traubner P

- Autonomic nervous system dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients
  Brezinova M, Goldenberg Z, Kucera P

- Effect of vitamin E supplementation on microalbuminuria, lipid peroxidation and blood prostaglandins
  in diabetic patients

  Hirnerova E, Krahulec B, Strbova L, Stecova A, Dekret J, Hajovska A Antwi Ch, Dukat A

  Case Report

- Epidemiological and epizootological aspects of salmonellosis
  Durecko R, Saladiova D, Popelka P, Simanska I


- Anaemia in heart failure
  Solik P, Murin J


Follow-up evaluation of neurolysis of brachial plexus and peripheral nerves of upper extremities
  Matejcik V, Penzesova G

- The role of anatomic measurements of velopharynx in the indication of velopharyngeal insufficiency
  surgical repair

  Kokavec R, Hedera J

  Short Communication

- Principles of prevention and therapy in diabetic nephropathy
  Mojto V, Tison P

  Research Letter

- Mortality of Bulgarian patients with primary and secondary Sjög­ren’s syndrome
  Panchovska M, Sheitanov Y, Uzunov N

  Case Report

- Secondary pseudohypoaldosteronism in an infant with pyelonephritis
  Dolezel Z, Starha J, Novotna D, Dostalkova D

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