ISSN  0006-9248

Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921



 Volume 105 


Issue  10-11       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2004; 105 (10-11) )

Clinical Study

- Renal rescue therapy in early stage of severe sepsis: a case study approach
  Zahorec R, Setvak D, Cintula D, Belovicova C, Blaskova A

Experimental Study

- Effects of terguride treatment on glucose abnormalities induced by ischemic brain damage
  in SHR/N-cp lean Koletsky strain and in rats of Wistar strain

  Kudlackova Z, Golda V


- Human eosinophils as potent inflammatory cells and their apoptosis
  Horvathova M

Immunohistochemical Study

- Immunohistochemical detection of MRP1 protein in normal and hyperplastic human thyroid gland
  Hodorova I, Schmidtova K, Hajdukova M, Bobrov N, Rybarova S


- Operative treatment of cervical premalignant lesions and the presence of high-risk human papilloma
  virus as etiologic agent

  Milanova E, Naumov J, Stojovski M, Todorovska I, Daneva K

Clinical Studies

- Close association between parathyroid hormone and left ventricular function and structure
  in end-stage renal failure patients under maintenance hemodialysis

  Nasri H, Baradaran A

- Cost-effectiveness analysis of switching from intravenous to oral administration of antibiotics
  in elderly patients

  Wawruch M, Bozekova L, Krcmery S, Kozlikova K, Foltan V, Galatova J, Lassanova M, Kriska M

- Velopharyngeal insufficiency and its associated pathologies in cleft patients
  Kokavec R

Short Communications

- Intraabdominal pressure after rectal resections
  Dolezel J, Zak J, Karpisek Z, Wechsler J

- 20-year experience in operations for subclavian steal syndrome
  Podlaha J, Leypold J, Dvorak M, Staffa R, Piskac P, Kriz Z

- Iatrogenic perforation during an endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract
  Vokurka J

- Oncologic markers in patients with colorectal cancer after a complex therapy
  Vyslouzil K, Klementa I, Stary L, Duda M, Skalicky P, Kapustova M, Dlouhy M, Benes P

Debate and Education

- Medical information portal
  Peknikova M