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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 105 


Issue  3       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2004; 105 (3) )

Experimental Study

- An acute toxic neuropathy caused by organo-phosphate poisoning in hens
Varsik P, Pechan I, Buranova D, Kucera P


- Treatment strategy of pineal tumors in consideration of their pathomorphology
  Fischer B, Palkovic S, Wassmann H

Case Report

- Esophageal dysfunction in a female patient with diabetes mellitus and achalasia
  Lovecek M, Gryga A, Herman J, Svach I, Duda M


- Early results and experience with Furlow double opposing Z-plasty
   Kokavec R

Clinical Study

- Sympathetic skin response: review of the method and its clinical use
  Kucera P, Goldenberg Z, Kurca E

Clinical Studies

- A Sewage disposal failure as a cause of Ascariasis and Giardiasis epidemic in a family
  Totkova A, Klobusicky M, Holkova R, Valent M,
Stojkovicova H

- Drug use – problem in pregnancy
  Durisova A, Magulova L

Debate and Education

- Interactive dynamic system of didactic means in me­dical studies
  Kukurova E, Kralova E, Bernadic M