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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 104 


Issue  6       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2003; 104 (6) )

Experimental Study

- Expression of LRP — lung resistance-related protein in the  normal colorectal mucosa and 
  in   colorectal carcinoma

  Rybarova S, Boor A, Jurkovic I, Kocan P

Clinical Studie

- Olfactory activity in the human brain identified by fMRI
  Smejkal V, Druga R, Tintera J

Clinical Diagnostics

- The significance of complement fixation test in clinical  diagnosis of toxoplasmosis
  Ondriska F, Catar G, Vozarova G

Clinical Study

- Relationship between plasma aldosterone and left ventricular  structure and function in patients 
  with essential hypertension

  Lazurova I, Valocik G, Zabranska B, Fraenkel E

Case Report

- Complications of video-mediastinoscopy — successful  management in four cases
  Pereszlenyi A Jr, Niks M, Danko J, Radulov S, Zernovicky F

Clinical Study

- Lifestyle of a women—mother and health of members of the  family
  Baskova M, Baska T

Medical Education

- Keeping english proficient by reading medical fiction
  Koy CE