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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 104 


Issue  1       ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2003; 104 (1) )

History of the Medicine

- The life of Mor Kaposi in Bratislava (1853–1856)
  Szep Z

Clinical Study  

- Chiari pelvic osteotomy in the management of developmental hip dysplasia: a long term follow-up
  Rozkydal Z, Kovanda M

Experimental Study

- The free aminoacids and the aqueous humor pH after antiglaucomatics in vitro
  Veselovsky J, Olah Z, Vesela A, Gressnerova S

Baseline Characteristics

- The Valsartan Antihypertensive Long-term Use Evaluation (VALUE) Trial in Slovakia
  Jezek T, Balazovjech I


- Diagnostic significance of urinary enzymes in nephrology
  Turecky L, Uhlikova E

Clinical Study

- The abdominal compartment syndrome
  Reis R, Labas P, Vician M, Ziak M

Statistical Methods

- Statistical hypothesis testing -- how exact are exact p-values ?
  Gasko R

Short Communications

- Endothelial dysfunction and the clinical application
  Skultetyova D, Filipova S, Riecansky I, Mistrik G

- Pulmonary function in patients with Sjögrens syndrome
  Panchovska M, Simidchiev A, Sheitanov Y

Clinical Study

- Initial experience with lung transplantation in Slovakia – an example for successful bilateral
  cooperation between countries

  Pereszlenyi Jr A, Harustiak S, Jaksch P, Wisser W, Klepetko W