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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 103 


Issue  4- 5      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2002; 103 (4-5) )


- Synaptic plasticity, metaplasticity and bcm theory
  Jedlicka P

- Optimizing delivery of therapeutics: percutaneous technologies
Henzl MR

Clinical Study

- Orofacial clefts and their influence on chosen anthropometric parameters of craniofacial
  part children at the age of eight 

  Cvicelova M, Karabova P, Fedeles J, Molnarova A

Topical review

- Effects of red wine polyphenolic compounds on the cardiovascular system
  Zenebe W, Pechanova O


Clinical  study

- Chronic venous insufficiency - epidemiology
  Staffa R


Short Communication

- Intraoperative mild hypothermia therapy in patients scheduled for neurosurgical procedures
  Gal R, Cundrle I

- Homocysteine and vitamin C
  Krajcovicova-Kudlackova M, Ginter E, Blazicek P, Klvanova J

- Current palliative treatment of malignant jaundice
  Hutan M, Salapa M, Poticny V, Bandzak J

- Stabilisation of thoracic wall in patients with chest injury
  Zelenak J, Kutarna J, Hutan M, Kalig K

Topical review

- Prostacyclins in pulmonary hypertension treatment
  Pereszlenyi A Jr, Harustiak S, Klepetko W