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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 103 


Issue  11    ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2002; 103 (11) )


- The role of surgery in the treatment of carcinoma of the pancreatic head
  Bodner J, Bodner E

- Radical surgery for cancer of the pancreas
  Kothaj P

- Surgery of the tumours of the liver
  Bober J, Samek P

- Oncological radicality in colonic cancer operation
  Labas P, Ohradka B, Cambal M, Fillo J

- Tumors of the rectum and anus
  Michek J, Cierny M, Kubacak J, Sutory M, Kozumplik L, Vrastyak J

- Reconstruction after total gastrectomy
  Zonca P, Maly T, Herokova J, Kvetensky M, Halva Z

- Familial adenomatous polyposis as a precancerosis of colon cancer
  Vavra P, Dostalik J, Martinek L, Zonca P, Plevova P, Kohoutova M, Stekrova J

- Chemodectoma -- carotid body tumor and their surgical treatment
  Durdik S, Malinovsky P

- Radical D2 surgery for patients with gastric cancer
  Palaj J, Konecny J, Petras L, Babiak L, Kukla K, Ciganak J, Moravekova E

- CEA and relapse after the operation of colorectal carcinoma
  Pribelsky M, Pechan J, Krizan M, Pindak D

- Significance of a prolonged postoperative bowel paralysis in complete dehiscence of laparotomy wound
  Dolezel J, Zak J, Rovny I

- Limited versus total stripping of vena saphena magna
  Herman J, Lovecek M, Svach I, Duda M

- Renal autotransplantation in irreversible ureteral injury
  Lutter I, Molcan T, Pechan J, Daniel I, Wagenhoffer R, Weibl P

- Iatrogenic esophageal perforation -- diagnosis and therapy
  Hrbaty B, Skultety J, Labas P, Durdik S, Malinovsky P, Ziak P, Paliatka J

- The treatment of venous leg ulcers by compression sclerotherapy
  Labas P, Ohradka B, Cambal M, Martinicky D