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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 102 


Issue  6     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2001; 102 (6) )

Article - Clinical Study

- The effect of repeated sublethal ischemia on NO/cGMP signal transduction system in gray matter
  of the rabbit spinal cord

  Pavel S, Lukacova N, Marsala J

- Pulmonary functions  alterations after correction of mitral stenosis
  Simkova I, Urbanova J


- Surgical repair of peripheral nerves in lower extremities
  Matejcik V

- Vascular collagen prosthesis of RaK type - long-teerm patency
  Staffa R, Leypold J, Vlachovsky R


- New trends in the complex treatment in the Cleft Centre in Bratislava
  Kokavec R, Hedera J, Fedeles J, Janovic J, Kratka E, Klimova I

- Telemedicine in urgent neurosurgery
  Rudinsky B, Gubric J, Gubricova M, Rudinska L


- Pharmacotherapy in smoking cessation
  Baska T, Madar R, Straka S, Kavcova E

Short communication

- The complications of pulmonary resection treatment in lung cancer
  Pereszlenyi A, Harustiak S, Benej R, Bohucky S

- Management of malignant pleural diseases
  Janik M, Harustiak S, Benej R, Bohucky S, Krajc T

- Drug Information Center
  Lassanova M, Tisonova J, Bozekova L, Kriska M