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Volume 102 


Issue  4      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 2001; 102 (4) )

Article - Clinical Study

- Two enrichment methods to obtain CD34+ stem cells from umbilical cord blood
  Pafumi C, Zizza G, Pernicone G, Bandiera S, Farina M, Russo A, Iraci M, Cainci A

- Results of surgical treatment of peripheral nerve injuries in upper extremities
  Matejcik V

- The impact of passive leg rising on sodium excretion in patients with liver cirrhosis
  Lazurova I, Wagnerova H, Ladanyiova D, Ondic O, Olexa P, Trejbal D, Kovacova A

Original article

- Beneficial effects of exogenous NO donors on morphological changes evoked by long-term
  administration of NO synthase inhibitor
  Kristek F, Varga I


- Motivational climate and attitudes to change: a hospital study
  Mazanec M, Wagner R, Stofko J, Hlavacka S

- Basic estimation of needs for training in evidence-based medicine in Slovakia
  Bacharova L, Hlavacka S, Rusnakova V

Notes and news

- Juraj Korpas: a Scientific and Personal Appreciation
  Widdicombe J

- The conference "Glycemic index and health: quality of proofs"