ISSN  0006-9248

Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921


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Volume 100


Issue  10     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1999; 100 (10) )


- Effect of nitric oxide metabolism upon peripheral blood chemiluminiscence and leukocyte
  and erythrocyte adherence in multiple clerosis

  Mayer M, Hermanova Z

- Nitrergic structures in rabbit dorsal root ganglia
  Rybarova S, Kluchova D, Schmidtova K, Lovasova K

- To the mechanisms of oxidants effect in the respiratory tract
  Strapkova A, Nosalova G, Franova S, Adamicova K 

- Role of free radicals, oxidative stress and antioxidant systems in liver diseases
  Jakus V, Lopuchova M

- Use of membranes on the basis of collagen in substitutional medicine
  Kukurova E, Bakos D, Koller J

- Collagen in the treatment of rheumatic diseases -- oral tolerance
  Stancikova M, Stancik R, Gubzova Z, Rovensky J

- Lateral inhibition and its role in physiology of sensory organs
  Hubka P, Kral A