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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume 100


Issue  3      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1999; 100 (3) )


- 90 years of Buerger's disease -- What has changed ? 
  Stvrtinova V, Ambrozy E, Stvrtina S, Lesny P

- Immunostimulatory activity of the vaccine used in the treatment of recurrent urinary infection. I.
  Koukalova D, Krocova V, Vitek P, Macela A, Hajek V

- Antibacterial peptides isolated from the urine of healthy adults
  Adam J, Chavkova Z, Surzin J, Grega B

- Problem of recombinant interferon Aplha 2 immunogenicity in therapy
  Liptakova H, Kontsek P

- Neurodegeneration and NO
  Kluchova D

- Endothelial dysfunction and plasma lipids: the EDO study analyses
  Bukovsky I, Pullmann R, Lang M, Orszagh M, Hybenova J, Koskova E

- Pharmacologic Cytoprotection of central nervous system
  Saniova B

- Ocular symptomatology of toxocariasis
  Gerinec A, Slivkova D

- Preventive effects of ceftriaxon in patients undergoing endoscopic papilosphincterotomy
  Batovsky M, Valko L, Paulen P, Soka A, Vaculikova A

- Carcinoid -- our experiencies with their surgical treatment
  Salapa M, Hutan M