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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921


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Volume  99


Issue  11      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1998; 99 (11) )


- Epidemiological and microbiological aspects of mycobacterioses in Slovakia -- M.xenopi
  Badalik L, Svejnochova M, Honzatkova Z, Kristufek P

- Morphology and diagnostics of oral protozoans Trichomonas tenax and Entamoeba gingivalis
stained according to Giemsa-Romanovsky

  Vrablic J, Vodrazka J, Tomova S, Stanik R, Catar G

- Gram negative non-fermentative rod-shaped bacteria occurence in haemocultures and their
  sensitivity to antimicrobial agents

  Hejnar P, Kolar M, Hajek V

- Toxoplasma gondii
  Catar G, Cerven D, Jalili N

- Diagnosis and treatment of cystic echinococcosis
  Dubinsky P, Bober J, Kincekova J

- Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis
  Adamicova K, Fetisovova Z, Mellova Y, Statelova D, Misovicova N, Polacek H, Hutka Z, Pec J

- DNA-typing of HLA class I alleles
  Kulcsarova E, Fazekasova H

- HLA-DRB1* and HLA-DQB1* allele frequencies in slovak population
  Fazekasova H, Shawkatova I, Buc M, Ferencik S

- Character of the spinal cord radices compression and the results of the cauda equina discogenic
  syndrome treatment

  Sulla I

- Different number of pericentral NADPH-diaphorase positive neurons in the rabbit spinal cord
  Kluchova D, Marsala M, Kocisova M, Gregor A

- Construction of a quantitative PCR system to determine expression of tumor associated antigen 
  Buchler T