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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921


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Volume  99


Issue  7     ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1998; 99 (7) )


- Dietary influence on the urinary excretion of polyamines
  Marko P, Loser Ch, Fluckoger H, Davies PM

- Effect of uric acid, creatine phosphate and carnitine on lipoperoxidation in homogenates
  of cerebral cortex and myocardium

  Halcak L, Rendekova V, Pechan I, Kubaska M

- The usefulness of cerebrospinal fluid proteins in the diagnosis of blood-cerebrospinal fluid
  barrier disturbances in various central nervous system disorders

  Turecky L, Kalina P, Uhlikova E, Prochazkova L

- Toxicologic importance of iron and cooper atoms and their relation to reactive oxygen metabolites
  Durackova Z

- Changes of phospholipids induced by repeated sublethal ischaemia of spinal cord in a rabbit
  Lukacova N, Jalc P, Marsala J

- Inhibition of erythrocyte lipid peroxidation in diabetic rats induced by aminoguanidine,
  resorcylideneaminoguanidine and their oxygen and sulphur analogs

  Hrnciarova M, Carsky J, Jakus V, Zlatos L, Kucharska J, Gvozdjakova A

- The importance of advanced glycation end products -- AGEs
  Jakus V, Carsky J, Hrnciarova M 

- Neurochemic changes in connection with ischaemic-reperfusion CNS damage
  Racay P, Kaplan P, Mezesova V, Lehotsky J

- Influence of ischaemia and ischaaemia-reperfusion on ion transport systems
  Racay P, Matejovicova M, Drgova A, Dobrota D, Kaplan P, Lehotsky J, Mezesova V