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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume  99


Issue  5      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1998; 99 (5) )


- The representation of slovak medical journals in the system of medline
  Simovicova Z

- The diagnosis of Duchenne and Becker's muscular dystrophy by means of multiplex polymerase
  chain reaction in slovak patients
  Simko J, Zatkalikova L, Mezenska R, Behulova R, Minarikova O, Simko F

- The current conception of interferon
  Kontsek P, Kontsekova E

- Pulmonary mechanics changes after cardiac surgery
  Simkova I, Kristyfek P

- Incidence of myelofibrosis among individual types of chronic myeloproliferative disorders
  Adamkov M, Plank L, Szepe P

- Relaation between composition of fatty acids and concentration of vitamin E, level
  of malondialdehyde, activities of antioxidant enzymes in the blood
  Klvanova J, Beno I, Ondreicka R, Volkovova K, Staruchova M, Grancicova E, Bobek P, Tatara M

- The correlation of levels of vitamins C, E, A and beta-carotene with the activities of antioxidant
  enzymes in the blood
  Ondreicka R, Beno I, Cerna O, Grancicova E, Staruchova M, Volkovova K, Bobek P, Tatara M

- The risks of late diagnosis of retinoblastoma and prevention
  Gerinec A

- Acetylcholine esterase-positive innervation of the regenerated thymus in old rats after surgical
  and chemical castrations 
  Dorko F, Kocisova M, Rybarova S, Dorko E

- NADPH-diaphorase-positive neural structures in the spleen of the pheasant
  Schmidtova K, Kluchova D, Rybarova S, Miklosova M

- The activity of NADPH-diaphorase in autonomous preganglionic neurons of rabbits
  Kluchova D, Schmidtova K, Dorko F, Pomfy M