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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921


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Volume  99


Issue  1      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1998; 99 (1) )


- Vascular endothelium as a connecting operator in the information transfer between 
  the cardiovascular and immune systems

  Stvrtinova V, Ferencik M, Hulin I, Jahnova E

- Bone changes in gastrointestinal diseases
  Payer J, Killinger Z, Duris I

- The occurence of autoimmune thyreopathy in patients with diabetes mellitus type I
  Kinova S, Payer J, Kalafutova I, Kucerova E

- Microalbuminuria and tubular reabsorption of minerals in children with diabetes mellitus type I
  Sufliarska A, Michalkova D, Tomeckova E, Silesova J, Lenkova N, Kovacs L 

- Spectrum of mutations in the CFTR gene in patients afflicted by cystic fibrosis from the populations
  of Slovakia

  Kadasi L, Polakova H, Zatkova A, Kaysserova H, Hruskovic I 

- Effect of treatment with N-3 fatty acids on selected cardiovascular risk factors in NIDDM patients
  Haban P, Simoncic R, Klvanova I, Ozdin L, Zidekova E 

- The presence of Y-specific sequence in patients with Turner syndrome as a pre-symptomatic
  marker of an increased risk of gonadoblastoma

  Horvathova L, Mezenska R, Minarikova O, Veghova E, Lukacova M, Simko J 

- IL-8 production by TZP-1 monocytic cell line is adversely regulated by cyclosporin and retinoic acid
  Svecova D, Kawashima T, Ohkawara A 

- HLA-DPB1 frequencies in the Slovak population
  Cechova E, Fazekasova H, Shawkatova I, Buc M