ISSN  0006-9248

Bratisl  Lek  Listy

Published continuously since 1921


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Volume  98


Issue  12      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1997; 98 (12) )


- Prostate-specific antigen and history of its discovery 
  Zaviacic M

- Modulators and mediators of kidney disease progression: New targets of prevention
  and treatment

  Dzurik R, Pontuch P, Spustova V

- Theoretical and clinical significances of neuroplasticity
  Trojan S, Pokorny J

- Precanceroses and carcinomas of the stomach and colorectum -- the levels of micronutrients
  in the blood

  Beno I, Ondreicka R, Magalova T, Brtkova A, Grancicova E

- SPECT-HM-PAO contribution to stroke diagnosis assessment
  Drobny M, Svalekova A, Stevik M, Reznak I, Luksova D, Kratky M, Bilo P

- Bioenergetics of liver mitochondria in experimental diabetes mellitus after administration
  of ramipril

  Ulicna O, Cizova M, Kolesar P, Volkovova K, Cibulova L, Carsky J, Ondrejka P

- The relationship between the concentration of essential fatty acids in the milk of mothers
  and their newborn children on the first and fifth days of postnatal development

  Pullmann R, Samel M

- Molecular genetics of myopathies in sodium channel
  Ruscak J

- Current insight of indications and the techniques on renal biopsy
  Mojto V, Mostbeck G

- Correlation of some biochemical indicators and physical fitness and age
  Nescakova E, Svatkova H, Turecky L