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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume  98


Issue  3      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1997; 98 (3) )


- Fanconi's anaemia: Case history of six spanish families 
  Casado A, De la Torre R, Cantalejo A, Ramos M, Carrascosa D, Lopez-Fernandez E

- Gamma-glutamyltransferaze isoenzymes in differential diagnosis of chronic liver diseases
  Turecky L, Kupcova V, Laktis K, Uhlikova E, Szantova M 

- Application of cough sound analysing method on study of sounds phenomena related
  to respiratory organs
  Vrabec M, Korpas J, Debreczeni LA

- Mutagenic effects of pharmaceutical coal tar in psoriatic patients
  Gardosova D, Mezencevova V, Kalina I, Heji F, Kopka M, Petrovicova J

- Fragile X syndrome: DNA analysis in families with familial mental retardation
  Polakova H, Khoury L, Cierna M

- The risk of cardiovascular complications in patients with diabetes mellitus of type II in relation
  to serum triacylglycerols

  Haban P

- Endoscopical and surgical treatment of acute bleeding gastroduodenal ulcers
  Vokurka J, Wechsler J, Zak J, Vlcek P, Capov I

- Surgical treatment of chiasmal gliomas in children
  Helcl F