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Bratisl  Lek  Listy

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Volume  98


Issue  2      ( Bratisl  Lek  Listy 1997; 98 (2) )


- The finish experience with the prevention of cardiovascular disease and current situation
  Ginter E

- Sleep-related breathing disorders -- an actual interdisciplinary topic of pregraduate 
  and postgraduate medical education

  Tomori Z, Donic V, Koval S

- Role of endothelial nitric oxide in neurogenic contractions of rabbit carotid artery during cooling
  Kysela S, Torok J

- Genetic polymorphism of sparteine oxidation -- the occurrence in healthy volunteers in Slovakia
  Holoman J, Glasa J, Veningerova M, Prachar V, Lukacsova M

- The influence of isradipine on some lipid parameters by D3 vitamin-induced calcinosis in rats
  Kvaszova E, Turecky L, Viktorinova A

- Asymmetric tilt body posture caused by vibration of the achilles tendon in patients with unilateral
  vestibular hypofunction

  Saling M, Hlavacka F, Strazovcova A

- Localization of NADPH-d positive structures in the rabbit and rat thymuses
  Kluchova D, Dorko F, Rybarova S

- Nutrition and Crohns disease
  Prikazska M, Simoncic R

- Review of actual knowledge on nonclassical MHC antigenes and activation pathways
  of T-lymphocytes

  Buc M

- Advances in DPX Densitometry
  Vojtassak J